Business Continuity

Strengthen your organizations posture by ensuring continuity of critical services during a disaster.

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Mitigation Planning

Hazard Mitigation plans save lives if they are reviewed and updated regularly.  We can help coordinate community outreach events, incorporate changes and finalize plans through Cal OES and FEMA.

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Research and Risk Assessments

Is your organization in need of research for grant proposals, local or state leadership, environmental impact, an external assessment of preparedness efforts, or gap analysis?

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Resilience is built from experience

Emergency management experience accumulates from lessons learned in the field, at the front lines of response, in analysis of potential gaps, in preparation training, in exercise design, and a thorough reflection of the honest lessons learned from after action documents.

Understanding that all civil servants want to do what is right for their clients, we can help identify potential areas of concentration for greater improvement in community resilience whether that is environmental planning, disaster mitigation, or business continuity.

Our twenty years of experience can be put to work for your organization to strengthen your resilience posture.

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Next Steps...

Contact us now if you question your organizations resilience posture.  We can help identify areas of improvement and development of an action plan.